Welcome To AllHumanity

Globalism, technological innovation, economic restructuring, the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, climate change, and other forces have generated challenges and opportunities unprecedented in their scale and consequence. In this challenging environment, the global corporate business community is uniquely equipped to offer humanitarian support based on its infrastructure, know-how and resources.

With this in mind, AllHumanity has been created to bring together corporations, non-government organizations (NGOs), governmental agencies and world leaders to tackle humanitarian problems relating to education, health and poverty alleviation. We believe that it is the collective influence of multiple values – managed under one humanitarian platform – that will bring about the type of global humanitarian success and ―change spoken of so often in the charity and humanitarian sectors.

The charitable mission of AllHumanity is to reach into every community on earth and to provide the instrumental management pieces to deliver maximum charitable impact. We support the international humanitarian communities by building the capacity of non-profit organizations in six particular fields of interest: health, the environment, poverty alleviation, education, human services and community development. We do this directly through capital projects – orphanages and child care facilities, libraries, hospitals, schools, and community centers.

AllHumanity believes that science and technology have tremendous potential to improve lives around the world. We create leverage by building evidence and producing, synthesizing and distributing knowledge, new ideas and expertise. We harness the power of charitable and humanitarian partnerships by bringing together key players, collaborating with colleagues, and securing the sustained commitment of other funders and advocates to improve the programs and fields we select to address such as arts and culture, community development, development of finance and security, education and scholarships, endowment development, HIV/AIDS, humanitarian media, religion, society and culture, and workforce development and management.

Together with our partners, we are determined to play a critical role in helping build each troubled country‘s nonprofit infrastructure.

Will you join us?